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Local automobile transport

1. Actual position ON-Line
2. Areas and reports on areas
3. Reports on runs
4. Navigation for a driver
5. History of movement
6. Databases on objects
7. Connection
8. Prices

1. Track in the mode of the real time!

It is more advantageous to watch after transport,which works withing the area of one GSM operator, in the mode of On-Line (format of connection of GPRS ). It means that you are in a position to see in real time, where the controlled transport controlled is. Information about transport's location, its speed,destination movement, and state of aggregates, can be got at pushing button «To Get actual position». It is comfortable to use function of “TRACKING” in the On-Line mode , which allows to get actual position of car in the automatic mode on the algorithm of set time - 5 to 3600 sec., or distances - 100 to 24000 meters. At the most intensive mode of communication of data, paying for connection does not exceed 3 Ls in a month.

2. You create a travel sheet with the use of card!

By this program you can carry on the digital travelling and photographic card of Earth a database of your clients as points and areas round them. The individual name and explaining is set every point, and also certain functionality can be set. Information, comings from a device, pass the comparison for the purpose of arrival in an area, finding in an area and decreasing of car from an area, and also middle speed between areas and general run.

3. You will be always able to know the real run!

A device is equipped by the independent meter and allows to get information on runs distance, in the setted time or on other algorithm, for example, entrance or exit from the area of scopes of the states . Pushing the button «Mileage report» you will get a report on runs for period indicated by you.

4. Your drivers know where and how to pass!

The device setted in a machine can pass information on co-ordinates not only to a server but also to the personal computer of driver, that allows him to use all charms of modern navigation.

5. You will be always able to know where your machines were and that they did!

A device, set in machines, is able to write down the history of movement (co-ordinates,speed, direction of motion, state of sensors, events)History is saved with the interval set by you, from 1 to 3600 seconds, or distances of 100 to 24000 meters. History is kept in a device and can be got from a device distance ( fully or partly), for any interval of time, with a subsequent reflection on the travelling and photographic maps of Earth and saving of this information on a server.

6. You create a map with your objects.

Simply pressing on a map to the place, where your object is, you can easily create an area with certain functionality. The amount of such areas is unreserved. Areas can appropriate the different names and explaining. If necessary it is possible to delete or edit areas. Functionality of areas can be different. Algorithm of events, related to the areas, can be appointed separately for every car.

7. Formats of connection and additional equipment.

A device can work in the different formats of connection (GPRS, VOICE,DATA,SMS). In different situations it is expedient to apply one or another mode. Also the additional devices of connection can be connected, such as a terminal of vocal connection, terminal of text connection, terminal of digicom. The basic setting of such devices is vocal connection with a driver, two-sided passing to text information, transmission and receipt of digital data.

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