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VIP transport

1. ON-Line track in
2. Area of guard
3. Report about alarm
4. History of movement
5. Guard complex
6. Remote VIP control
7. Prices

1. Track in the mode of the real time!

Within the limits of area of one GSM of operator it is more advantageous to control position of car in the mode of On-Line (GPRS connection format). It means you are in a position to see in real time where there is the car controlled by you. Information about car position and its state can be got at pushing button «To Get actual position» or in the automatic mode. In On-Line mode comfortably to use the function «TRACKING», which allows to get actual position of car in the automatic mode on the algorithm set by you at times from 5 to 3600 seconds, or distances from 100 to 24000 meters. At the most intensive transferring data mode, paying for connection does not exceed three lats in a month.

2. Area of guard.

You can set non visible guard areas around your car by yourself. Installed device constantly track the co-ordinates, guard sensors and aggregates of car, and passes them on server. A server can make a mathematical comparison of incoming information and in the case of not coincidence, send the alarm reports on the telephone numbers, which was set by your.

3. Report about alarm.

You can assign the algorithm of events for the dispatch of anxious reports and lists of telephones which they will be passed for. A report contains: directly text information, information about a geographical co-ordinate, and state of sensors.

4. History of movement.

All information is collected from a car saved in a database for the subsequent reproducing on digital traveling and photographic cards of Earth and analysis. You get possibility to familiarize with history of cars moving for all day or for a certain interval of time, which was set by you. Except for it, a device installed in car, able to write down on built-in memory history of movement such as co-ordinates, speed, direction of motion, sensors information and other events. History is saved with the interval set by you, at times from 1 to 3600 seconds, or distances from 100 to 24000 meters. History is kept in a device and can be got from a device on distance in full or partly for any interesting you interval of time with a subsequent reflection on the traveling and photographic maps of Earth and saving of this information on a server.

5. Guard complex.

It is possible to connect the different devices of guard and control of car with the satellite track system in a single guard complex fully capable to control safety of modern car and reveal to him the proprietor about his state and co-ordinates in case of occurring of supernumerary situations.

6. Remote VIP control.

You can control the car in different ways regardless of where you are. In any place where a computer and INTERNET, knowing the password, you can see the machine on digital traveling and photographic maps of Earth. In case if you are far from a computer, you can control the car from the GSM of telephone. Modern communication means swiftly develop and the models of telephones equipped with software for work in the environment of INTERNET are accessible already today. It is possible to use such communications channels as GPRS and Wi-Fi for connecting to the network. One of the most attractive and equipped variants for today is iPhone by the known all corporation Apple. Through this remarkable modern smartphone you get possibility to control the car including by sight regardless of where you are.

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