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1. Where is he?
2. VIP control
3. Prices

1. You always can know where your child not dependency upon him.

Special device called – Trekker, is a mobile telephone, developed specially for children, on purpose to provide their safety. He allows to simpler support contact parents with children. He allows not only to speak with a child and write him reports, but also to determine the exact location of child by technology of GPS and represent his location on a map. Why it is needed? In order to control, how well he got to school, on training, home, etc. In order to know, where a child is during dinner and after school. In order to come to help, if a child pushed the urgent call button and rings you. Even in order to be quiet, knowing where your child.

2. Your child always under control.

You can set non visible guard areas by yourself. “Treker” constantly controls the co-ordinates of child and passes them on a server or your telephone. A server can make a mathematical comparison of incoming information and in the case of not coincidence, send the alarm reports on the telephone numbers, which was set by your. In addition “Treker” is equipped with ALARM button and your child can call to you, or to report about the location if necessary. You can control a child in different ways regardless of where you are. In any place where a computer and INTERNET, knowing the password, you can see the child on digital traveling and photographic maps of Earth. In case if you are far from a computer, you can control it from the GSM of telephone. Modern communication means swiftly develop and the models of telephones equipped with software for work in the environment of INTERNET are accessible already today. It is possible to use such communications channels as GPRS and Wi-Fi for connecting to the network. One of the most attractive and equipped variants for today is iPhone by the known all corporation Apple. Through this remarkable modern smartphone you get possibility to control the child including by sight regardless of where you are.

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