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1. Actual position in ON-Line
2. Flight and landing control
3. Renewal of flight history
4. Automatic reports about an event
5. Areas of flights
6. Remote VIP control
7. Prices

1. You look after flight in ON-Line.

Due to unique possibilities of device you can get information about the position of air ship on digital vector and photographic maps of Earth in the real-time mode. In addition to incoming information from a device installed on an air ship there is information about the speed, direction of motion, height above sea level and the state of digital and analogs sensors of device. Information about position of air ship and his state can be got at pushing button «Get actual position» or in the automatic mode. In the mode of On-Line comfortably to use the function of «TRACKING» which allows get actual position of air ship in the automatic mode on the algorithm set by you at times from 5 to 3600 seconds, or distances from 100 to 24000 meters.

2. Quality and reliability.

КThe construction of device and his economic possibilities allow him to maintain heavy external environments on flight and landing, and also in the mode of flight on a height. At flight and at landing a device passes information on certain by you algorithm which can be adjusted depending on your tasks and terms. Practical tests confirmed possibility of device to pass information in the mode of ON-Line on heights over 2000 meters and speed of flight over 500 km\h.

3. History of flight is in full.

Except for communication of data about flight on a server, a device writes down all information in the internal memory. History is saved with the interval set by you, at times from 1 to 3600 seconds, or distances from 100 to 24000 meters. History is kept in a device and can be sent on distance in full or partly for you about any interesting interval of time. It's allows in the case of necessity to recover all history of flight as a report in a table or as a sequence of geo points proposed on digital vector and photographic maps of Earth with the detailed specification of parameters in every point.

4. Reports about different events.

A device is equipped with digital and analog inputs which, if necessary, can be connected to signaling facilities. It allows programming a device on the automatic passing of messages on a base in the case of receipt of signals from facilities of sides of signaling. In addition it is possible to receive automatic messages from a device related to input or output of air ship in a certain geographical point or area.

5. You create a card with different points and areas of flights.

Simply pressing on a map in a necessary you place you easily can create round him an area with certain functionality or to set the array of points incorporated in a single area. The amount of such areas is unreserved. Areas can appropriate the different names and explaining. If necessity it is possible to delete or edit areas. Functionality of areas can be different. Algorithm of events related to the areas for every air ship can separately set by you.

6. Remote control.

You can control the air ship in different ways regardless of where you are. In any place where a computer and INTERNET, knowing the password, you can see the air ship on digital traveling and photographic maps of Earth. In case if you are far from a computer, you can control the air ship from the GSM of telephone. Modern communication means swiftly develop and the models of telephones equipped with software for work in the environment of INTERNET are accessible already today. It is possible to use such communications channels as GPRS and Wi-Fi for connecting to the network. One of the most attractive and equipped variants for today is iPhone by the known all corporation Apple. Through this remarkable modern smartphone you get possibility to control the air ship including by sight regardless of where you are.

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